Energy Management – Online Workshop

With Valerie Aronson

Date: TBC

Time: 10am – 5pm

Venue Online – Zoom

Cost: R850


This 1-day workshop will cover the important aspects of energy management with particular emphasis on protection and grounding. Using practical exercises, visualisation and meditation, you will learn how to clear and protect your chakras and aura. This is essential work for all those beginning their psychic and healing journey; and for those who wish to manage their energy on a daily basis.


Reviews from Participants

“Beautifully presented from the heart! I am generally anxious in a public setting but felt totally at ease with Valerie. The information she shared came at the right time in my life and I thank my Guides for sending me to her. Compliments as well for the truly lovely food!” Fernanda

“An excellent introduction to energy, chakras and aura. What was particularly enlightening was the practical exercises which gave real meaning to what was taught. Valerie is wonderful in her approach. I would certainly recommend this course to others.” Allan

“It is one week later and I feel a positive change in how I am now better able to manage my energy. Valerie has the perfect balance between imparting information and guiding us through the meditations and practices”.

“Just what I needed/wanted for a long time – wish I had done something like this sooner!”