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Great coverage of the Live with Purpose! course in the January-February edition of LinkUp, available in health stores and libraries around the Western Cape. Click here to read the editorial.


Amanda Yesorsky  & Steve Horwood received their accreditation as qualified Energy Healers from Sue Allen (left) and Cindy Holmes (right) at a School dinner on 9 November. Said Steve: “I’ve moved from stoic scientist to esoteric healer in 2 years. What a journey!!” Sue spoke about the transformation and healing that takes place for those who see the Course through to the end.  “It is not an easy course”, she said, “but it is well worth it.” Well done, Amanda and Steve!


Amanda Yesorsky


Steve Horwood


Download The Mirror, a free meditation by our Spirit Guides Tutor, Cathy Mc Donald. Download the Free Meditation App Insight Timer onto your phone to listen to two more meditations by Cathy: Hopes & Dreams and Gratitude.



Read your monthly horoscope here which has been compiled by our Astrology teacher, Margarita Celeste. You can also listen to an interview with Margarita on Cape Talk.


Our Courses

November 2016 Healing Course graduates: Our proud graduates received their certificates of accreditation from the School’s UK international Director, Sue Allen (middle back) and Cindy Holmes (back left), Director of the South African branch. After two years of intensive part-time study and work with clients, they are now internationally accredited and qualified to practice as Energy Healers. We wish them everything of the best in their work!
Our 2017/2018 Healing Course students who will graduate in November 2018. To date they will have covered such topics as Grounding, Attunement, Protection, Cleansing your energy, The Healer as a channel, The chakras and the subtle bodies, Space clearing, Energy management and Distant healing; with much, much more to learn about this fascinating field.


spirit releaseSue is the author of the popular book, “Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook”.

She has featured in various newspapers, magazines and on radio and is a renowned teacher with a thriving international practice.

(Visit and Sue’s personal web site at

Click here for an article in the LinkUp Magazine, on Debbie Caknis’ work in Animal Communication.  An article on her work also appeared in the Sentinel newspaper and you can read it here.
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Click here for an article in the LinkUp Magazine, written by Sue Allen about Medical Intuition.
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Taster Day Review!

Many new faces, excellent talks that were well-attended and a constant stream of people signing up for healing sessions, psychic readings, animal communication and birth chart readings all contributed to a lovely atmosphere  at this year’s Taster Day. The feedback to our Healers and readers was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to each and every one of your for your contribution toward making the day a success. Read about here in the February Tatler.

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SPACE CLEARING – with Sue Allen

“I found this course absolutely amazing! Nothing felt rushed; everything was specific and clear. I am happy and excited to do more courses in the future.” Eloise

“The workshop has given me great knowledge, skills and understanding. Presented with an open heart. Excellent!” Valerie

“Excellent workshop. I learned a lot. Feeling very confident after the workshop.” Niel

“Eye opening!” Mark

“Very interesting. Very informative. I’m very happy.” Ricardo


“Brilliant.  I would have loved it to be longer as I had more questions, but I feel equipped to start working with this”. Hannah

“The course was an excellent introduction to developing these skills. It was well-structured and paced. The exercises were surprisingly diverse…”  Carlos

“Very informative; held a lovely and safe space. Very pleasant facilitation”. Hannalie

“Excellent teaching and information”. Chameli


“Just wanted to thank the School for providing such a wonderful weekend – the in-depth and effective instruction by Sue Allen was fantastic. This course with the amazing Sue Allen is a MUST DO for anyone going into the field of Energy Healing, no matter what modality you practice! TriSha

“I really enjoyed reconnecting with this space in my life. I enjoyed Sue Allen’s approach… I would recommend it to anybody wishing to deepen their energetic awareness and healing capabilities”. John

“Very practical and informative; very clear and empowering, most enjoyable. Feeling enthusiastic to go and practice! Much gratitude” Carol



Live with Purpose: Why the Course?

Cindy Holmes explains how the course would benefit you

Live with Purpose: The Process

Claire Creighton explains the process of the course

Live with Purpose – 8 Week Course

Cindy Holmes & Claire Creighton – Create the Life and Live with Purpose!

Cindy Holmes: “Are You a Healer?”

Cindy Holmes, the Director of the School of Intuition in Cape Town, talks about the topic “Am I a Healer?” at the 8 O’ Clock Club.

Cindy Holmes: Guided Healing Meditation

Healing: Guided Meditation by Cindy Holmes, the Director of the School of Intuition in Cape Town, at the at the 8 O’ Clock Club.

Sue Allen: The School of Intuition & Healing

Sue Allen talks openly about her natural psychic abilities, work as a healer and medical intuitive, as well as founding the School of Intuition and Healing offering psychic and mediumship training as well as a two year healing course.

Sue Allen: Energy Management

A video done for the London College of Spirituality, about Energy Management (Protection & Grounding in the City).


Sue Allen: Spirit Release

A video for the London College of Spirituality about Spirit Release.

Sue Allen: Thought forms

Sue Allen discusses Thought Forms

Sue Allen: Thought forms in Psychic Attack

Sue Allen discusses Thought Forms in a Psychic Attack

Sue Allen: Medical Intuition

Sue Allen discusses Medical Intuition


Sue Allen: Contracts

A clip on Contracts.



Zone Radio – Listen to Sue Allen on “Curses, Contracts & Thought Forms” on:

SAfm – Listen to Claire Creighton talk about Psychic Development on: