SoulSearching Through Art


Date:  12 May

Times: 10am – 3pm

Venue: The Artery Studio, Rondebosch

Cost:    R750.00 (includes art materials, lunch and refreshments)


This workshop is designed to help you explore your deeper Self in a safe and grounded way using different, non-threatening art techniques. You will discover how to receive information and guidance from the Soulcards you create and interpret the messages for the benefit and understanding of yourself and others.

This workshop uses the ASTAR (Awakening Spirit Through Art) method of art-making:

• Discover the artist within
• Express your unique creativity
• Have fun making art spontaneously
• Explore a wide variety of mixed-media materials
• Embark on a journey of self-discovery
• Discover art as an infinite source of wellness for body, mind, heart and spirit

What is the Astar process?

ASTAR is a non-judgemental approach to artmaking where the creative process is the focus
rather than the end result. There are no planned outcomes or expectations. You are
encouraged to work spontaneously and to trust the creative process. You are invited to
express yourself honestly and to honour all that is made with acceptance.

The group will be guided by Gabriella through an inspiration process. This creates a focus for the artmaking activity. These processes are designed to
bypass the critical, controlling mind so that you are able to let go of fear and surrender to the
creative process.

Artmaking involves much mixed-media work using a wide variety of materials (art materials, found objects and natural materials) The approach is playful and experimental.

The workshop is open to all – no experience necessary!