A Journey Through the Chakras


Dates: 30 January – 20 March (8 Tuesday’s)
Time: 19h00 – 21h00
Venue: Camps Bay
Cost: R1500
Maximum of 8 participants


  • Learn to discern whether your chakras are functioning in an under-energised or over-energised state
  • Identify your negative coping mechanisms
  • Learn and practice chakra-specific techniques to re-balance and heal your chakra system

The Journey Through the Chakras is an 8-week course exploring the purpose of the 7 major energy centres of our body and how they impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Each week we take an in-depth look at the different characteristics and key challenges of development of the 7 major chakras. We also look at the root causes of imbalance in each (traumas and abuses) and how this impacts the flow of our vital energy.

Participants will be encouraged to use the chakra-specific healing techniques taught on a daily basis, and with support, become active contributors to their healing journey.