Animal Communication: Intermediate


19 July 2020

Times: Sunday: 8am – 6pm

Venue: Hout Bay

Cost:  R1400.00 includes a workshop manual, refreshments and lunches


This course follows on from the introductory course or any other animal communication course which you may have attended elsewhere. You will have the opportunity to experience animal communication at a deeper level and in more detail. We cover information regarding Quantum energy, Gestalt/body scanning, advanced skills in tracking of lost animals, speaking to passed over animals, and basic business skills. I focus on deepening skills which will benefit both the communicator and the animals that he/ she is communicating with.

This level of animal communication will help you to take your practice into a professional space, but will also assist the animal lover to further understand and assist their own animal friends.

We will only be working from photos so you need to bring 2 photographs of living and 2 of passed-over animals that are well known to you. These photos need to be printed.

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