2-year energy healing course


2-Year Energy Healing Course Certification

Our Healing Course offers a certification in energy healing and covers everything that you would need to know to start your own healing practice. You will gain hands on, practical experience and cover everything that you would need to know to start your own healing practice.


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During this comprehensive course you will cover subjects including:

  •  The Nature of Healing
  •  The Role & Responsibilities of the Healer
  •  Energy Management
  •  Understanding Different Types of Energies
  •  The Chakras and Aura
  •  Chair & Couch Healing
  •  Distant Healing
  •  Intuitive Healing
  •   Working with Sound & Colour
  •   Ancestral Healing
  •   Healing Meditation
  •   Medical Intuition
  •   Cord Cutting
  •   Space Clearing
  •   Healing Guides & Angels
  •   Using a Pendulum in Healing
  •   How the Body Communicates
  •   Incarnation, Reincarnation & Karma
  •  Cancer, Mental Health, HIV, Drugs & Alcohol
  •   Death & Dying
  •   Personal & Professional Development
  •   Health & Safety
  •   Record Keeping
  •   Code of Conduct
  •   Healing & the Law

About The School Of Intuition & Healing

Our aim is to provide high-quality education in all aspects of intuitive healing and spiritual modalities. We offer ongoing classes as well as one day workshops to cater for a variety of needs and interests. Our courses and workshops cover a range of topics, from spiritual awareness, energy management and animal communication to psychic development, medical intuition and spirit release. Our facilitators are of a high calibre, with many years of experience between them in their various fields of expertise, providing a platform for both those beginning their spiritual journey, to those eager to master their skills.


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