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Foundations in Psychic Development (Online)

with Jade Wavamunno

Event Date(s): 1 February – 22 March 2022

Days & Times: Tuesdays 8pm – 9:30pm (South Africa) / 6pm – 7.30pm (UK)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost:  R1300 (SA Residents Only) / £120 (International Students)

Interview Required:  Yes – Please contact to enquire about an interview


This is a practical, fun and informative foundation class that builds on what students have learned on their psychic and spiritual development journey so far.

Throughout each term we will be addressing aspects of the following:

  • I know I can sometimes pick things up psychically, but how can I be better?
  • How can I see, feel, know and generally sense more for myself and others?
  • How can I be more consistent?
  • What is going on with my energy? Can I control it?
  • Why do I sometimes get it wrong?
  • Am I making it all up? Is it my imagination?

We will also look at how you can build, strengthen and maintain your spiritual muscles, work in more detail with your psychic senses and gain further insight into the self-care required as you continue your development.

This is an ideal foundation class for students that are currently on either the Healing or Spiritual Counselling courses who are learning to work with clients.

Classes will be a mixture of theory and a variety of practical exercises designed to stimulate and inspire as you work psychically. They are specifically structured to empower you to attain greater confidence and trust in your burgeoning ability.

This foundation class is only open to students who have had recent prior training in basic psychic and spiritual development, energy management and how to open/close their chakras.





"I really enjoyed the class and it helped me to develop more confidence. Thank you!" Theodoros

"I am very grateful the school is continuing and I am very happy with everything. Thank you for your wonderful lessons." Marina